Sunday, 9 October 2011

Odds & Soxlets

Hanging on like crazy to the last of the summer images - won't be long before everything is winter.
This is Taio in a tree - available from Erica HERE

And this is my first mini pizza box.  I got the pattern from Papercraft Planet - the Tuesday 3D challenge is great if you like boxes and purses

I cut off the tree branch and tried to make it look as if he is swinging from the star.  He is raised on joam pads so you lotes of interisting shadows with the Swiss dots backgrouns.  It's a diddy little box - just right for a gift card - cinima tickets - beads (the guys are all into beads at the moment???) or memory stick.

Erica has been sewing and drawing like crazy and there are loads of handmade monkeys (and friends) in the pipeline - plus new digis for Christmas.  Check out the website and facebook

kitten xx

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  1. This is so pretty. The little monkey looks so cool.....



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