Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Odds and Soxlets - Erica Martin

Today I am going to share a card made with 'Dotty' - A plain digi from Erica Martin's new Summer collection of Odds and Soxlets.

You will need
 A square card blank
A 1/2" punch
A strip for the back of the card
A scrap to mount Dotty on to
And you Dotty image

plus Double sided tape
odd scraps of matching coloured papers
bit of ribbon or Baker's twine which is such fun
First of all - punch out loads of dots from your matching scraps of paper
 Cut your strip 5cm wide - I inked the edges to make it look neater - and stick it 3cm from the fold side.

Then start to scatter your punched dots over the plain sides of the card.  There is no pattern to this - just scatter then about - and let a few hang over the edges.

Use a spot of pva in a fine line applier to stick them and keep it neat
 Colour your Dotty how ever you like!!!!

Cut round her tightly - and mount her.

I cut a diamond shape - then embossed it - wrapped it with Baker's twine - and set it slightly off centre to the background stripe - then added Dotty - on raisers slightly the other way.

The greeting is part of the Summer collection.

kitten xx

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  1. Thanks for the post and the lovely card using Dotty the sock monkey!!!

    With Love
    Artist & Illustrator


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