Wednesday, 4 May 2011


One of the very, very best things about crafting and art as a life style is all the goodies you get to play with.

My hubby bought me this wooden drawer chest years ago - and it has been screaming out for a proper use ever since

And now it has one - as my flower keeper.

I had a lovely time this afternoon sorting out all my flowers from the big box they were in - now they are all sorted into colour sets - and looking so neat

will upload the images tomorrow - it's getting late and I am tired - and I can't find my camera.

Hay found it in the kitchen - I am so chuffed with my new flower storage
adding this to What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday (just a bit late!!)

kitten xx


  1. Your box is lovley - your husband has very good taste! Happy WOYWW 100! love, Clare #142 x

  2. Thats a neat storage chest - perfect for your flowers i think. have a great week.

  3. That is a wonderful mini cabinet ...great use for it ...I see you are colour coordinating the drawers

  4. ohoooo snap! well, almost, mine has four draws and not six, it's quite small, I've now got three, two of them are in my crafty room. My draws don't come out tho, there's a little wooden peg holding them in. Happy (Late) woyww!

  5. What a beautiful little chest! I'm sure it will be easier to use the flowers now that they're color coordinated! Patsy from

  6. Oh great use - I once ordered two of these from Lakeland and ended up with six because of a delivery error - gave 'em all away (once I had Lakeland's permission to keep 'em). Mind, I don't use flowers much, tbh. Love the way you've indicated the colour groups too - very organised!

  7. i agree your husband does have good taste, what a beautiful set of drawers that have got a use for craft! Fab workspace, thank you for sharing your workspace, Happy WOYWW 100! 100 weeks, thats a lot. #3


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