Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Stretch N Bubbles

Out did myself today - got so involved in this I forgot to put the dinner on!

Now - you have seen this flower before - but this is a totally new version

I wanted to start work on a new project I have in mind and make a wrapper / box that would turn a bar of chocolate into a special present.

I fiddled about for ages with the closing flap and could not settle on how to keep it closed - then I decided to go for a band.  I don't think I have ever done that before - I always seen to use ribbons.  The flower is layered (now that's a surprise!) - and the centre is a pearly green brad that just happened to be the exact same size - only got the one - goodness knows where it came from.  And I made a little tag to match.

 The view with the band slipped off and the flap open.  It is the exact size to slip a decent size bar of chocolate into - great to tart up a baby sitter's gift or the like

oh - the chocie bar? - - emmmm it was yesterday that I went shopping - - and I have put it in a very (very) safe place

kitten xx

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