Thursday, 8 April 2010


I have been to class today, we were experimenting with acetate - going to show you this one.
We had a choice of stamps and I chose this one as it's a bit different to ones I have used before.

You stamp on Acetate with Archival (you can use Staz-On - it's just that I don't). Then you turn it over and fill the images with PVA glue and different glitters. It is really effective - you know, I could do a 'how to' on it couldn't I? ((I wonder if you can get a staz-on pen? hummm - brain ticking))

We cut apertures through the card so you can really see the clear acetate and I have put a stripy piece of paper on the inner lining so you can still see the clearness, but there is a bit of colour as well.

Let me get the Daisy and Dandelion work transferred to my blog and then I will do this technique out properly for you.

I have a wedding scroll to work on - so there won't be much to see until it's been collected - well after the wedding really - just in case. So I will dig about and find other stuff to show you

kitten xx

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