Friday, 9 April 2010


It's becoming a bit of a family joke now - don't stand still or mother will list you on EBay :-)

I have my wedding scroll under control - so I have the evening to list a bit. I have started going through all my old cross stitch charts - and the guys that run my website program have just created a gizmo that does the listing for you - so I am trialing that too. Princelet has given me 2 boxes of his old games to list as well so I have so much stuff piled around my space here I can hardly get to my chair

Enough with the chat - show the card - yeah - I hear you

Stamp and emboss on acetate - use it to cover the front of a card and any stamping on the card will show through!

The butterflies are hanging on twisted wires - and there are several bows

Had to make a box to put it in to protect the butterflies

kitten xx

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