Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Guys - I am totally gutted - Docraft has pulled the Daisy and Dandelion blog and on Face book too. No reason why just finish. I am just gutted.

I have finished the last of the dog cards for the dog shows - mind you, the old goat is so busy we may not be doing many shows.
Gosh - anyone else got a downer on my business today?

These are Paper nation (is it that now?) 5 1/2" square cards and layered with loads of paper pieces.
Well I am pleased with that. :-)

kitten xx

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  1. Me...I'm very gutted too. Feel like we've had a knife stuck in our backs so god knows how poor Erica feels? Don't you think its really stupid of them as we we're promoting for them. Its not like we just took it upon ourselves to do it. It was all with Erica's blessing....oh its really annoyed me!


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