Monday, 27 October 2008


It is going to be cold tonight folks - the gritting lorry has just gone flying down the road. He (and it MUST be a he) drives like it's a jet plane, it's a real sight to see him whizzing about!
As you know Monday is normally my day off - but today I had to go over to Stavely to check their stock and see what they had sold.
Mega Brownie points to them - they had sold loads. I seem to be getting a little following there, and I am so pleased with all the encouragement they give me.
It's really hard to be 'arty', you put your head out of the window and shout (very loudly) 'look, I can do this' and you just have to hope that some people like your stuff and you can find a niche to work with - and that it's not just a train coming in the other direction!
Still working on those Christmas planners!

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