Sunday, 26 October 2008


Well, the old goat is OK - he rolled home about 12.30 this morning after navigating the floods home.
Did you see about the fell runners on the news? What planet were the organisers on there then??? We ALL knew what the weather was going to be like yesterday - the Mountain Rescue guys are furious (they are a CHARITY for goodness sake) - and as for the helicopter guys - we spend ages trying to raise money for them - all gone in one silly decision. I in no way blame the runners, they are not locals, they took advice from the organisers, and a lot of them were raising money for their own charities (talk about robbing Peter to pay Paul!!). Reckon we should bill the organisers for all the costs of our rescue teams.
Just remember, all these extra rescue teams (that includes the Life Boats) - they are all charities, good old fold giving their time and skills for nowt: and huge teams of folk fund raising, day in - day out, winter and summer, all the year round to keep them going.
ME? Oh sorry - I have been working on a Christmas planner.
Well it's down on paper and the 'lists' are planed in word - Popped over to Janet's to get some card - - - - So, hold your breath - it's coming.
Yours (flooded, soggy but not stranded)

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