Saturday, 11 October 2008


I have worked my litttle socks off today!!! Totally shattered.

Most of the bits and bobs have ended up as cards in one form or another and I thought You would like to see the begenning and end of a couple of cards

I had a couple of these blue cut snowflake shapes, and know I wanted to something different with them.

So - here you go - Winter birthday.
Snowflakes raised over a snowflake pattern papper, matted with a glitter pearl blue. Bold, wide, silver glitter stripes (done with double sided tape.

Now my desk is (almost) clear and ready for the next tidal wave.


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  1. Pandy what a brilliant idea...winter Birthdays!
    Just to let you know that on my blog I have a new petition for Fibro sufferers if you are interested. Hope you are keeping well and the blog looks great! Hugs Em.x


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