Sunday, 12 October 2008


TOTALLY cleared my desk - just the commission left : yes!!! I love it when I manage to dust my desk - just does not happen often enough. I usually get distracted by something and it all starts over, before it's clear.

Here is another before and after.

I do like the embossed tree - I love tree images - but I get the feeling that it may be limited in use. So let's cut it up.
I worry about me sometimes - I see something and all I want to do is cut it up!

Cut in half to make fairly plain little Christmas note cards. That was fairly straight forward - the difficulty was what to do with the other half?

It is always hard to put the 'bulky' bit of a design on the right, because you don't have the space to balance it and get a proper flow through the design.

Well I created a triple fold A6 card with shorter front flaps so I could set the tree on one side, but underneath is a patterned paper covering the under flap with a text greeting. So you get the balance of the side of the tree, propped up by the layer underneath - and the raised text 'holds' up the tree.

Strange I know - and it needs more work, but it's a game plan.


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