Wednesday, 3 September 2008

You just know, don't you - the DAY before school starts 'Muumm, I haven't got . . . ' Shoes in this case. I was just sitting down to my lunch and looking forward to a relaxing bath, and before I knew it - pouring rain, the town was PACKED and I was £35 lighter.

My only question is - why don't I ever get £35 quid to spend on my stuff just like that? Oh, well, I guess that gets filed along with 'where does the sock monster go when the washing machine is empty?'

Finished my last batch of cards and made an extra one for my darling curate friend who has a new job. Same folded back front - really like these, just different decorations. She is going to spend half the week at home and half the week in the vicarage for her new job. so it's not really a 'new home' but a 'happy house card'.

Tons of good luck and love Rev Bev!!!!

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