Tuesday, 2 September 2008


TIP for today - don't cut up your finished scribed panels with wet ink on your hands!! Yep - did that one - all my finished 'happy birthday's' have little red - no - pink smudges. Serves me right for trying to rush.

Anyway thought you might like to see the idea I am working on. It is on the lines of my accordion folded fronts, but with a single fold on the front flap.(http://www.princesskitten.co.uk/shopfront/prod_236585-CC216-CALLIGRAPHY-text.html). I have covered the back with a patterned paper (glittered of course), added a line of glitter and a big embellishment to the right hand corner. The stamped and matted plate over hangs the fold and I have put a plain white liner underneath that section to write on. I will add a plate with 'happy birthday' on it when I can manage to do them with out smudges!

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