Saturday, 29 April 2017

Saturday - Art-ish day

I actually managed to make something- yeah!!

It's a practical thing really - I had the idea to store the leftover printed tags for my Posh Dog Bakes - and use them for the next batch.  It works if I don't print the date and batch numbers - and I am all up for re-cycling.

I did chicken out of making the index cards - I think it would have driven me nuts - so I bought the smallest size file index cards I could - but the boxes for them were way too big.  I went and picked up some mount board scraps from the picture framers - they have a box of free left overs.

The width of the box was fixed to the size of the cards - but I wanted to lower the height of the cards so that the tags did not get lost under everything - and I did not want a really deep box.

I actually cut 1" off the bottom of the cards - so the actual box is only 2" high.  I wanted the top tabs to stand out to make it easier to sort through them.

I cut the base and sides out of the mount board and just sellotaped them together - them I went round with double sided and covered it with a thick scrapbook paper so that it was stable and pretty.

I have lined the inside too - so that the seams are covered and not vulnerable.


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