Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Projest Tuesday - pants for our dolly

I had intended to make a vest and pants set - but Mummy's little 'helper' was chewing up my notes quicker than I could work - and he looked so cute too!!!

You will need a small amount of soft cotton or poly cotton fabric – a needle and thread – a short piece of thin elastic – some paper to work out the pattern and some scissors.

The pattern is basically 4 L shape pieces with a bit of a curve.  The short part of the L is the waist part - it needs to be deep enough to reach from between the legs up to the high waist - with enough for a turning to put the elastic through.  The long part of the L shape is for the legs - it needs to be long enough to reach down from the waist down the leg to where you want it too - plus a bit for the bottom hem.  the short width needs to be wide enough to reach halfway round the doll's leg - plus the extra for the side and centre seams.  It sounds a bit of a mouthful - but this formula will work to fit any doll - and yes - you too!!!!  Just draw round the shape - cut the paper on the large side - then experiment before you cut for the final fabric sections.

1. Using the pattern - cut out 4 pieces of fabric from the fabric.  Make sure you have the fabric pattern correct so that you have a right leg front and back and a left leg front and back – and that any fabric pattern runs in the right direction.

2. With right sides together - sew together the short top sections on the tops the front and the back pieces. 

3. With the right sides together – sew the long side seams together.

4. Turn up a little of the fabric twice on the bottom of each leg to make a neat hem and sew in place.

You can make a normal small hem – or make a wider one and add elastic to make bloomers.

5. Turn over the top twice and sew round – when you get about 2cm from the beginning – slip through a piece of elastic for the waist and sew the gap shut.

Turn right side out and put on the dolly.

with a bit of practice - adult bloomers are sooo cool - and it's all the same basic pattern!!!



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