Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Kit of the month

The first project Tuesday on the month is the kit.  This is my first jewellery type project - so it's a bit different.  I have the kits with all the materials in the shop - but if you want to copy the instructions are below.  This is the project.

I used - chain with clasp - around 30"
10 x pink felt circles
10 x gray felt circles
10 x turquoise felt circles
4 x white beads

1.    Carefully open the ring on the end of the chain and remove so that you can thread all 4 of the white beads onto it – then replace the ring.
2.    Push out all the pink circles (you may need to tidy up any places the felt catches).
3.    Fold all the circles in half – stack them up on top of each other – push a pin through the bottom corners of the stack – then push one the other way in to hold them together.
4.    Double up the thread – knot one end and sew it through the corner close to the edge – but make sure you catch in every piece.
5.    Place the felt on the inside of the first bead - with the chain under the folds and bring the sides together – secure the thread.
6.    Fluff the felt pompom round evenly so the join is hidden.
7.    Stack up the other corner of the pieces – and join together in the same way.
8.    Move a bead along – add the mint felt in the same way – then the grey.

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