Thursday, 9 March 2017

I have never - - -

In all my sewing life I have never made a pair of gloves.  Actually - I don't even think that it was a realistic thing to do!

I was asked by So-Sew-Easy to test run their new glove pattern - how cool is that!!!

This is a free pattern from the So-Sew-Easy team so you can see how they work and test out the ideas

This is the glove pattern I used - Easy Glove Pattern - there are 3 sizes and you can make the gloves is either a fleece or a cotton spandex fabric - hay fleece is what we do all the time and it's our anniversary - so I decided to make the large size - in a real 'bloke' looking fleece.

I made these - 

Hands up - the pattern terrified me!!!!  But actually - if you just follow along and do what it says through all the steps - it actually works.  It is a bit fiddly when you work round the ends of the fingers - but fitting the thumbs in was so easy.  I got in a bit of a pickle when the cuffs were added and I did get confused - so I fitted them the same way that I fit the funnel necks on my fleece dog tops - yeah I know - cheating - but I was way out of my comfort zone to start with and managed to make the gloves!

The old goat love them - and actually does wear them when he takes the dog out for the morning walk - result!


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