Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Let's make a doll

I haven't really decided what to to with the last 'Project Tuesday' in the month - torn between embroidery, and making and clothing a rag doll.

I rather like the idea of making a rag doll and adding to her set of clothes every month.  It's great practice for making up whatever you fancy in different fabrics - and experimenting with drawing up your own patterns on a small, more manageable scale before you get too ambitions and start draughting your own patterns

Right click on the pattern image - and copy it as an image.  Then open a new document and insert the image.  You can enlarge it to what ever size you fancy - mine was on a single A4 sheet of paper.

From a heavier weight tight woven cotton fabric - cut 2 x head pieces, 4 x arm pieces, 4 x leg pieces, 2 x body pieces.

Create a face on the head.  Does not have to be anything complicated - mine is just back stitch and long stitch for the eyes, back stitch for the mouth and a couple of cross stitches on the cheeks.

With the right sides of the fabric together sew arms and legs together - leaving the short side open for turning.  With the right sides of the fabric together sew the head together leaving the neck edge open for turning.  Turn the pieces right side out and press.  Stuff all these pieces fairly firmly.

lay one of the body pieces on the table - lay the head on the body with the neck opening at the top.  Tack across with a few stitches to secure while you assemble the body.  Lay the arms across the body with the open ends at the sides of the body.   Tack across with a few stitches to secure while you assemble the body.

Lay the other body piece on top and pin round the body sides and head encasing all the body pieces in the middle.  This is a bit fiddly when you get to the last arm - it is easier to sew each side separately - and finish the last one by hand - just go gently.  Leave the side for the legs open.  Turn body out and stuff fairly firmly.

Turn up a small seam at the base of the body - place the legs on one side and tack in place.  Stuff the body fairly firmly and seam straight across the bottom to encase the legs.

We will tackle the hair next week as I want to give you a couple of options - other wise this post will be huge

The instructions will be added to my website - in the Crafter's Corner



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