Friday, 24 June 2016

Workshop - Studio Room

OK my lovelies - this is what I have been up to the past 6 weeks.

This room is 15' x 20' - and was a total disaster.  It was full of all the rubbish that the guys had had since Christmas - yes - really!!!  You could not walk across the room - and the floor was totally covered in boxes and junk.

I have stripped and refinished the walls - so many layers of wall paper - and in one area they had covered the walls in sticky back plastic sheets?  I have filled all the gaps and repainted the walls in plain white (about 4 coats).

The ceiling was a complete mess - it had just been left after the roof flooded about 10 years ago - and looks as if it was going to fall down any minute.  I have stripped off the top layer of plaster and cleaned up the cracks - then papered over the whole thing.  Trust me - after the battering I have given it - it is totally sound even if it is a bit bumpy.

One of the beams is original - so I painted the window frames and sills - the doors ( one doe not actually go anywhere but I thought an exposed door was note fun that the hardboard the was so obviously covering it up - all in a mat satin black to match.  I have painted the skirting board the same height all the way round the room - even though it is missing on one and a half sides - just thought it looked neater.

The floor has been washed - and washed - and washed.  I have de-nailed it - and the joiner is going to patch up the gap and the loose boards.

I have painted out all the toilet ares - put down a bit of lino - scrubbed the floor in there and repaired the walls.

I am dead chuffed with myself - it looks amazing.  The light and atmosphere are wonderful - and there is so much space.

We have had a couple of enquiries - but as of now it is still available on a monthly rolling let.  It will be a fantastic studio / workshop space for someone just starting out.


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