Saturday, 23 January 2016

Saturday Journal

I have been making a huge effort in the shop to get Christmas cleared and out of the way - and get the website a bit caught up.  I am winning - but it's slow going.  The new phrase round here is - I am eating the elephant!!!  I picked it up from my business mentor last summer.  When you have a huge, big josb to tackle - 'how do you eat an elephant? - - One bite at a time. In other words - just keep chipping away at it and you will get there.

Today I have been thinking a bit about backgrounds in my junk album.  Trying to make it look a bit less like a heep of cards -a nd more like an art piece.

The wonderful things about junk albums is that there as so many different surfaces to work on.  I had some glossy cards - so I did a bit of alcohol ink staining.

Then I got out the good old paints and splodged that about - I particularly wanted to keep the texture in the second one - but get rid of the Christmas look

Some pages I will use just as they are

And some I just covered the greeting

A couple of pages were unuseable in their present form - great excuse for paper collage

and don't worry about the papers overhanging - it all adds to the fun and the laid back style.


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