Sunday, 24 January 2016

Just General News

Bit of a quick catch up for you as to the state of the Auld gray Town.

Yes - the traffic is a nightmare - what can I say?  My takings are down by half for this time of year (just about paid the rent this week!) - and people I normally see twice a week - or every week - are just not coming into town.

Here is one of the reasons you are having to 'go the long way round'
CumbriaCC - Victoria - The Bat - Bridge 

Scary when you really see that there is nothing except a couple of props holding up the whole bridge!!!!

The good news is that - although it looks a disaster - the guys can solve it pretty easily - just needs a bit of time.  which we - THEY - are well on track for and should be done in about 4 weeks.

The Romney Road improvements  - so I am lead to believe - have been put back until the bridge is fully restored - without the government taking back the grant to pay for the work.  So that should ease things - and Saturday was pretty well much 'back to normal' as far as the number of people out and about in the town.

Apparently there are still 60 homes 'uninhabitable' on the Sandylands estate (don't know about the others) - and there is no free accommodation for those still trying to live in these waterlogged houses anywhere in Kendal - so they are stuck.  The government has exempted our area from helping the refugees - because we have literally run out of safe housing and can't even house our own.  The Methodist Church has been amazing in helping- and the local business / pubs (esp Romneys ) have been feeding those who are trying to get by with no kitchens.  Very few of us round here actually have any insurance - we just get on with what we have too.

Several of the large hotels are still closed - but loads of the smaller businesses have got it all together are re-open now.  The centre of Kendal is fine - and we have several new and exciting changes - and new business opening soon.  I will let you know when things happen - it's such fun!!

All-in-all - it is going to take several months to fully climb out of the hole - but we will get there - and the best place to visit this summer? - Well that would be The Lake District ;-)


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