Wednesday, 30 September 2015

so cute Posh Dog Harness

I was in my flat all weekend playing with my sewing machine.  I did used to make most of my own clothes and soft furnishings a very long time ago - but I haven't sewn seriously for a good few years, And I have been having a wonderful time getting my hand in again.  

Kitten tip - read your manual again - I have found 2 new things that my machine does that are really useful and I had not known / forgotten about.  I have only had it 30 years - how scary is that!!

I spent all weekend designing and practising a soft dog harness pattern for the Posh Dog range - I have now created and streamlined the making of 2 different size harnesses.  One is for a smaller dog - Yorkie size - and the other for a Jack Russell Terrier size dog - Henry was so patient with me while I poked and prodded and measured him.  There is a couple of inches adjustable room built into the straps with the velcro fastenings 

I have also had some labels printed for the range.  Bev over at Ribbon Reel Printing has done them for me - and she was just brilliant.  I sent her the logo that hubby has drawn for me and told her what I needed it to say and she came up with the design - she even suggested the colour as it would match all my brown branding.  At the moment I have 3 different one with different wording as to what they are made from - I am so thrilled with the effect

I also acquired over the weekend some amazing embroidered, satin finish, heavyweight fabrics - so I have half an idea of seriously, outrageously gorgeous  party pieces.


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