Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Cotton reel holder

since I have started sewing so much again I have been trying to find a way to store my reels and bobbins so that they stayed neat and tidy - but were easy to get at and I could see what I had.  I have tried all sorts of boxes and tubs - stacking bobbin holders - and sticks that poke in the top - and I still end up with a table of reels and bobbins everywhere.

So I made something!!!

There were a couple of scrappy bits of foam board in the shed - and an old photo frame.  So I stuck 2 bits of foam board into the frame -

Then I got some thin round dowling and cut it into 4" lengths - mapped out a grid on the foam board - poked in holes and glued the dowling in.

The chap next door was a bit bemused by it - lots of little sticks poking out of a board - looks a bit odd that!!

I bought a spray can of paint - and I chose one that had a 'lumpy' texture.  I thought it would cover a multitude of sins ;-) - and help to keep the bobbins in place better than something smooth.

So - Here it is.  I have glued it to the door that is right behind my sewing machine - I thought it would be better if I guled it flat - otherwise it woud slope and the bobbins might fall off.

It does look really smart - and I can see what colours I have - all I have to do is PUT THEM BACK WHEN I CHANGE COLOUR 



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