Saturday, 12 September 2015

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I am not much of a political animal - but I have just been listening to the Labour leadership results - and I can't help but giggle.  Everyone has been so rude to - and about this guy for the past 3 months - saying what a disaster he would be etc - etc - - and now he is the boss - I guess that's life! ;-)

Bit of a different project for you today.  When I got my new planner I made extra blank insert pages to go at the start of each month as a 'mood' board / monthly list tab page.  I got the idea from the Inkwell planners which have extra plain pages in between the months for extra notes.  Inkwell in available America - and is seriously expensive.

so - I made these new inserts - just for a bit of fun

And I have spent the morning fiddling about decorating this months 'mood' board.  I have gone greens - thinking that it was the last of the summer months before the autumn really hits home.  i have cut papers the right size as the shapes - stuck peel-offs in - coloured with Copics (note to self - colour on sticker paper with Copic and then stick on the page ;-) ) - there are loads of little doodles - and loads of sparkly gel pens.  On the other side of the insert is my monthly TO DO lists of the kits - videos - accounts and stuff that I need to remember.

'Planner' journaling is HUGE in America - it's kind of a simple way of scrapbooking - and it's fun to have pretty decorations in your diary.


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