Wednesday, 9 September 2015

New Dog Lead

What could be nice than a delivers of new fleece patterns for Posh Dog Clothing!!!!

Seriously yummy colours and patterns.  I have cut out several coats already - just got to choose which colour to trim them with.

My very favorite type of lead is the double ended - multi-function - training lead.  I have always worked my William with this type of lead - he's a difficult dog to work and I love the versatility that the lead has.  I work him with a check chain as he is such a puller and have always found it quite hard on my hands.  Now I have re-imagined the lead style in fleece for softness and comfort and an 1" ribbon/cotton webbing for strength and durability - and it's absolutely brilliant.  It has taken me a couple of trial attempts to make sure I was happy with the way the D rings are secured - they had to be neat and strong - and I wanted to make sure the idea was practical.  I have been using this lead for William for several weeks now and it's just wonderful - so light and comfortable - even though he's such a stroppy old dog!

It is nearly 2 metres in length altogether

 With a lead clasp at both ends

And a total of 3 D rings to make the lead longer or shorter

You can even work 2 dogs with 1 lead.

These leads do take a while to make - and there is quite a bit of 'hardware' on them - so they will be selling for around £15.

I hope to get some out next week - I will add them to the website and shout out on Facebook as I finish them

Also coming next week - Christmas collars - so cute!

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