Saturday, 15 August 2015

Saturday Journal page

Thank goodness it's Saturday!!

I have had one of those weeks you know - what so you mean my weeks are always like that! - I am organized sometimes ;-)

I was supposed to have some work done on the flat - I was big and braved and phoned the man and got it all sorted - then when the fitter came - 'oh no love - can't do that!'.  What's the old saying - the man who says it can't be done should get out of the way of the woman half way through doing it -something like that.  well I am trying to unpick that muddle - then in the middle of the week we get a call from the land agents about the shop my son as been trying to get calling a site meeting to talk about his plans and ambitions.  That al went very well - so now we are looking for tradespeople and costings and it all has to be now.  I have told him - he has to stand on his own feet - I am too fragile to be taking on big projects.  I have given him lists of what ans who to talk to -  and I have to say the council have been hugely supportive.  I will let you know proper details as we progress - it's not quite a done deal - but it's as firm as it can be at this stage.

So - all-in-all - today's journal page needed to be simple - light and fresh - colourful and glitter - oh - there had to be glitter!

Along with my baby wipes - I love to use a credit card to apply paint.  You only need a tiny spot on the back of the card and it give you a lovely abstract 'flash' of paint.  That is how I created the bright background.


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