Sunday, 16 August 2015

My wonderful new planner

I lost my diary a few weeks ago - total nightmare for me - if I don't keep lists I am lost.  so I started looking around for something a bit more than just a diary to organize myself.  Bad time of year obviously - but needs must.  All the mid-term ones about were a bit small and plain - so I hunted about online - you-tube has loads of videos about planners and organizing - and I fell in love with the American style that has a double page spread calendar at the front of the month followed by a week-to-view breakdown..  I really lusted after an Inkwell Planner - but they are way expensive - plus huge import - and you can't get them mid year.

Then I found - and I was in love.  I got to choose the size - layout - cover - what they printed in it - the back pages - quotes - colours.  - and with none of the junk you usually get at the front.

So - here is mine
front cover
 month view
 then weekly break down
 I have to admit that I have re-bound my pages with a zutter 11/2" wire because I took an idea from Inkwell and made an extra blank file tab page to mark the months and so I can make extra notes for the months as I think of them

It has a matching little plastic ruler/divider and elastic band - and a clear pocket to store things in.  Mind you mine is so full already that it is just in the bag with my planner.  And the paper is decent quality too!

I love it so much that I have just ordered a notebook to match - and you get to choose all the different page styles you want inside.  The planner was just over 320 and the note book was about £12 - and you can have the planner start at which ever month you wish.

Absolutely no connection with the company - just thought I would pass it on.  The are on Facebook to.


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