Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Big Ideas

I don't often knit a big dog - dog coat.  I don't get asked much really - I find them so difficult to handle and they take so long to do.  Now that Posh Dog is taking off I thought I had better have a couple to show  so I have made a small greyhound size - a large greyhound size - there are a couple of the 'weekender' jumpers that are larger sizes- they are much shorter in the body anyway.  I have also just picked up a pattern for a big baggy jumper type piece that would be great for older dogs that feel the chill in the house as well.

This is one pattern - it's lovely to knit (bar the size)  - there is extra shaping round the curve - and a dart through the middle.  This is chunky weight (2 x DK) on 5mm - I might try just 1 DK on 4mm and see how it works out.

This is gorgeous - but my goodness it's hard work!  I can't imagine having a dog this big - it's even too big to fit on my wooden dog model.

I have got a 'Joseph' jumper on the needles at the moment - 3 colour single line repeat like the one about - it's my favorite colour repeat pattern - in apple green - fondant pink and aqua blue - it's divine!  The I am going to have a go at my new pattern and see how it works.  I usually do one run of following the pattern to get the gist of it - after that - anything goes


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