Sunday, 14 June 2015

Journal pages

Several different journal pages to share today - some in my bible and some of my Gansai watercolour

I did this cute little birdie - acrylic background - stamped bird coloured with Gansai watercolour

Then I did this paint effect - it is much prettier than it looks and there are bronze clock faces embossed onto it.

I liked the effect so much I did the cover of my little watercolour book using the same technique.  There are 3 blues and 1 green paint colour dabbed on first - pat all the colours together and dry a bit - then you wipe over with a bit of metallic copper paint and wipe back to show the base colours - I added a bit of very dark red over the top for depth - rubbed a dry Memento Black pad around the edges to age - then I drew on the wings and crown pattern through a stencil with just a black fine liner pen (I did try to use paint but the cover has a canvas effect and the paint kept bleeding under the stencil and making a mess) - then I added the white highlights - wow did that make the image come alive!  I am sure a few more bits and bobs will get added in a while - but I love it so far.

Then I coloured a Lisa Victoria stamp with the Ganasi - the wing colour is one of the metallics in the set - sheer silver (over a light colour tone undercoat) - really pretty

and I painted a tree kind of following along with a youtube video.  It's growing on me - I might try the technique again with autumn colours and remember to leave the tops more 'open' for the branches to show.  Sometimes you have to go away for a bit and then come back to your work with a fresh eye to see what you could improve on.

So that's the weekends creativity so far.  At the moment I am  working in my colouring book to experiment with the watercolours.  A pre-printed colouring book is great for taking the stress out of creating the actual image shape - and it leaves you to just concentrate on the watercolour and how it reacts to how you work it.  


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