Saturday, 13 June 2015


My new favorite word - - 


Ephemera: The term 'ephemera' covers printed items that have been designed not to last ie. bus/train/ride tickets, handbills, leaflets, posters, advertising, packaging, flyers, newspapers, menus

As the Ephemera Society says - 'The minor transient documents of everyday life'.

When you think of all the junk that falls out of our monthly magazines / news papers / handouts everywhere - and we think it's junk - take that 'advert for a cruse' - age it by - say just over 100 years - that could have been the flyer for the Titanic!!  - All those postcards sent from the lines in the first world war - 'ephemera' - not designed to last more than a few days (well months - post!) - and we are spellbound by them.  Those amazing vintage adverts - we all hark back to 'better days' - designed to be thrown away - so beautiful.

So in this big age that everyone calls 'the throwaway generation' - we have never been so documented and saved.

I am going to create a journal page from one of the junk mail flyers I get this week - might even video it and add it to my youtube 

we need a new word for modern ephemera - 'junk that is here now - and will be available for years to come if you google it'

Suggestions on a (ephemera) postcard - or a ( ??? ) email ;-)


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