Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Day out

I had a day out yesterday with the 'goat' at the dog show.  we just love the dog show events - we have been a 'fixture' at the Lune Valley Agility show for - phew - must be over 8 years - we started before we had Henry.  We got into it because I was working our William (and he must be 11 about now).  It is such a fantastic time - the County Showground is block booked for 10 days by the Lune Valley dog training club - and people arrive from all over the country to take part.  There is a mini 'village' of tents / campers / caravans / and mobile homes to die for - a couple of local catering vans, the milk man, the Tesco van, the camping gas man, the local brewery ;-) all visit every day to keep everyone going with the basics.  There are toilets, water taps and showers there for those that need it, and several doggie suppliers have tents.

We were going to go on Sunday - but the weather was just not practical - and hubby is well over swamped with other work - so the only day we managed this year was Monday.

so here we go - all line up for a picture

William did the 'meet and greet' to settle any doggie nerves at having a picture done

this is what the dog portraits look like (these are old examples)

I took my ((Christmas)) knitting

I took the boys to see how 'proper' dogs behave 

and now they are totally flat out 
peace at last



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