Saturday, 16 May 2015

Saturday Journal Page

I did this in my book as one of Rebekah's projects

It's actually Gelatos rubbed over a clear embossed background - I thought just how effective and pretty it was and I wanted to experiment more with the technique.

I created this page today.

The very background is a stamp from Docrafts range Happy Days - it's a huge background stamp of tickets - really useful.  The tag background was created by pushing versamark ink through some sequin waste and clear embossing.  I scribbled a bit of Gelato colour down - then you have to really work it in well with your finger and gently wipe over with a paper towel.  

I like the idea of Gelatos - all these little lipstick size soft, squishy sticks of pure colour -  but in use the waxy residue acts as a blocker to adding other layers - needs more practice before I decide if I really, really like them


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