Sunday, 17 May 2015

Quick tag tutorial

As you know I have been making pencil cases to organise my colouring supplies

I really needed some sort of tag that I could write on to label what's in them - then I remembered this cute little trick with an old credit size plastic card.

Cut the card in half length ways (please make sure it's not valid for anything!!!)

If there is raised lettering you will need to sand it flat.  Cover the card with double sided tape. Make sure tape goes right up to the edges.

Cover both sides with some pretty paper - punch a hole and round all the corners. You can decorate them up with some glitter glue and a few gems - add a ribbon or split ring to add it to your keys or case what ever.

I added a plain plate on ione side so I can write on it what's in the pencil case

Dead easy and just a bit diffferent.


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