Saturday, 9 May 2015

No journal today

After all the recent creativity - I can't do my journal page today - I have a huge project on the go.

I am scribing up a grooms' speech.  I have done a few wedding vows over the years - but never a whole speech before.  It's going to be massive.  I am working directly from the roll as I don't know how long it will eventually be - but it will be in the region of 6 foot.  

It's not the lettering that is the hard part - it's the sheer size of the piece - it has taken over my whole space and I don't want to do anything else until it's finished 1) so that I stay in the 'groove' - and 2) so it stays neat and clean..

I am aiming to be finished with the lettering on Wednesday - then Thursday to remove all the guide lines - and finished for the weekend. Normally I do a practise piece - but this is too big - and it has to be out next weekend.

I will show you when I finish!


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