Friday, 8 May 2015

New bible page

The next challenge in Rebekah's art journal is another pencil watercolour.  I have to admit that I did not really get into the groove with this one.  I undercoated the page with pva to protect and strengthen the paper - normally I use a really thin pva wash and wipe it over with a baby wipe to get a really thin, smooth coating, then I dry it really well with my heat gun.

This is how I prepared the page before I did my lion - very slowly and gently building up a surface.

When I did today's page I think I rushed it a bit - I used the pva neat and it was far too thick and it made ridges - it resisted the watercolour too much and was not nice to work over.  I resorted to using inktense practically neat - and it left me no room for graduating and shading the colours.  it didn't turn out to bad in the end - I just didn't enjoy it as much as normal.

I have just treated myself to  the 36 set Gansai Tambi Watercolour paints.  I have been trying to get a set of Peerless watercolours - and it's just about impossible in the UK - these look to be as close as possible to them - and other users have said they react in a similar way.  Thing is - they have to come direct from Japan - and will take about 3 weeks - I WANT THEM NOW!!!!!


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