Sunday, 1 March 2015

The past week and forward

I have spent hours on the website this week - getting the deliveries listed properly - getting the counts right - filling in gaps - adding categories - etc.  It is going to take me a while to get fully back on track - and there will always be areas that need more work - but I am making great progress now.  I defiantly work best on my own - there was a reason my report card said 'does not play nice with others' ;-).  Last summer I had a lunchtime helper in the shop - and far from freeing me up to do other stuff - it really restricted me.  Now I really feel that things are falling nicely back into place and I am in control of it all.  People often ask how on earth how I keep track of it all - and I do misplace things - but I see it all in and I see it all out - so I have a broad idea.

The Jewellery section is growing - and this whole section in the shop is getting more and more things added - I am in the process of expanding into larger storage.  We are now the ONLY shop in Kendal working with jewellery makers and we are so chuffed that you trust us to supply you with your needs.  Just let me know what you need adding to the range and I will find it for you.  We do only stock fashion/costume type findings - sterling silver is just too expensive for me to keep in stock - but I can order it in for you.

I spend all weekend in my 'rest' mode with my feet up being brought food and tea (and wine) on line - researching and looking for goodies for the shop and chatting to reps / suppliers / studios / artists all over the world - the Internet is just amazing - and people are almost always so willing to help and explain - I have only ever had a couple of knock-backs so never be afraid to have a go and ask.

So - any feed-back you have over my website - or this blog - always willing to hear 


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