Sunday, 8 March 2015

Saturday journal page

It's Sunday - but the shop is open because the Kendal Food Festival is on.  I like to open when something is going on in the town - the organisers work so very hard all year to put these events on - and it's a shame for the visitors to be greeted by loads of closed shops.  I always have plenty of odd jobs to catch up with so I don't mind pottering on with stuff.

Knowing that I would be open today - the journal was planned as a 2 day event too!  I love the idea that you can put Dylusions ink straight into a water brush and colour and draw with it.  I do use distress ink refills for this - but it's quite a faff and you never get consistent results because it depends on how much water you add - plus I am not fussy about the 'grunge' look.

Thsi is sort of Zen-tangled on the page first - then coloured with inks - the I found an image of a giraffe - cut the shape out along with a circle for the sun - held them down onto the page and rubbed a black paint over them.

The outlines and doodles are done in a white drawing ink and sharp dip pen nib - I still can't find a decent, true, non-splodge white ink in a pen!

I love the way the white has drawn up the ink through the black and turned it into the colours that are underneath - cool.
Next time my underneath patterns need to be smaller I think.


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