Thursday, 5 March 2015

Progress Pledge

There has been a trend growing in the quilting world for a while now - it'd called the Progress Pledge.  Basically you promise to show your work as it develops - warts and all - rather than just show the finished project.

It's a bad habit of mine - I am hopeless at taking photos - I get too carried away with what I am doing and I forget to add stages of development and processes.

So here is my promise:-
I have made a process pledge.  The goal of the process pledge is to create a new sensibility in quilting blogs our work where we don’t just show finishes or occasionally confess about our moments of indecision, but chat openly and often about our works in progress, our inspirations, and our moments of decision. I know that many of us are already posting about our thinking and the processes involved from start to finish, let's do more!  And let's post about our projects as we work on them.  I want to see more half-done pages, not just the finished thing with a journal entry about the process.

The Process Pledge


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