Sunday, 22 February 2015

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Yes - I know it's Sunday but I didn't finish yesterday in time to post.

How does that song go - 'it's been a perfect day - I'm glad I spent in the shop' - well something like that.

I actually got the last kitchen cupboard door finished and re-hung - I spent the morning doing the tidying and cleaning - washed the kitchen worktop down and polished both desks - such a joy to be getting back into my happy place all neat and tidy.

Then I had the afternoon to play work - that would be work.
I have been putting a lot of study into ink spritzing - these are the old style Adirondack colour wash sprays.  Mine are at least 8 years old - but they are still available.  Trouble is - I find the colours just too dark and muted for me.  Looking at the Dyan Reavely videos I am being too gentle and I need to add a heavier coating.  There is a pile of torn scraps piled on top.  Then my famous swirl - this time used as a flower stem with all sorts of flower sequins added (with gem centers of course).  The spritz over the top of the papers is my new Irresistible Texture Spray - I have just picked up all the metallic colours for the shop and the neon ones are due in next month.  I love all the Tsuineko inks and I hope to add the other colours if these go down well.

The butterflies are new buttons I have in - with a thick coating of crackle glaze - I will rub in a bit of walnut stain when I get back to the shop on Tuesday - it was not dry when I left.

Next time I am going to be really brave and add loads more of the ink to start with and make puddles of colour - eek


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  1. Wow! This is fabulous! Love all the spritzing and those layers with the butterflies and flowers - gorgeous! Hope to see you soon! Chrisx


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