Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Cuttlebug plate

I did a lot of demonstrating last week - and I was finally shamed into replacing my Cuttlebug 'C' plate.  I had resisted because you used to get one with the Cuttlebug machine - and as I have recently replaced my bug - I really begrudged the extra £9.

It's no good - I have had to give in and get one ;-)

I always write the letter on the plates so I can see quickly which is which.

Another 'shop warming' pressie I bought my self is a new cheepie sewing machine just for sewing on paper / card in the shop.  It was just under £50 in Argos - very basic - very simple - and lightweight - quite noisy! - but it does do several different stitches so I am looking forward to having a go with that.



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