Thursday, 26 February 2015

New Stock - Dyan Reavelery

I took the decision not top go to the big Stitches trade show this year.  It was a really hard one to make as I just love going to the show - catching up with all the guys - having a good old gossip - and playing with all the new ranges that are coming out - as well as spend loads of money on you guys ;-).  This year the last 6 months has really taken it's toll - and although I am really improving - I thought it would just be silly to overexert myself that much.  Plus I don't know how the swollen discs in my back would behave spending all that time on my feet with a growing basket over my shoulder.

So what I have done instead is take the money I would have spent on hotel and petrol - and invest it into some new stuff.  I am going to stock the Dyan Reaveley range of inks and (coming soon we hope) paints (they are not out yet).  If Jenni did a spritz range I would have automatically picked that up - but she doesn't, so I spent hours and hours researching the various brands be I decided to go with these.

I saw her live a couple of years ago - she really is a larger than life character - this insert is quite a long one - but you can really see her style and techniques


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