Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Vote for me in an award

Right chaps

The National craft Awards have just opened for voting.  They sell it to you like it's representative of the whole industry and they have selected the best stuff out there for you to vote for - but it's really just picked from anyone who deals with The Papercrafter and Crafts Beautiful group of magazines.  The only way to get into the system seems to be to cheat!!!!

Acting on their own advice (and it took me 3 months to track someone down to get a proper answer on this) - If I can get enough people to vote for the shop as an 'other' this year - I may make it to the short list next year.

Here is the link [url][/url] - you do have to fill the whole list I am afraid - but when you get to Craft shops in the North - tick other and add The Kitten and The Goat, Kendal.

I would be grateful for any help you can give - going to be shouting out on my blog and facebook too - so please like and share - let's see if we can break the system  ;D 


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