Saturday, 25 October 2014


No proper journal page today - up to my ears in wedding favors - all these people do keep on insisting on getting married!

So a thought - and perhaps a plan - - 
Have you seen the Booth's Christmas Book yet?  Talk about extravagant - no wonder their food is so expensive - I shan't be getting our joint there.  

Mind you - it got me thinking.  I can't stand throwing things like that out - there has to be an up-cycling craze to be started there.  You could take the pages out and refill the cover with plain paged to make a scrapbook - you could make a fabric inner and make it into a bag - or laptop cover.

I think I will keep the pages in and work over them.  My favorite Christmas poem is The Night Before Christmas so I think I will work that into the pages.

I am not sure how I am going to do my craft work while I am in my new spot - half my personal stash is in my flat - but if I make it a writing project it will be easier to manage.

Perhaps we should start an Up-cycled Booths page on Pintrest - bet other people are thinking the same.


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