Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Tando - heart shaped printer tray

Now - just because something starts out life with a purpose - does not mean that it will end up being used for that.

You know me - never do what I am told.

This is one of the layers from a Tando printer's tray kit.

I wanted to experiment with some of the new Decoupatch papers - and remind myself how their glue behaved against the normal PVA - so I had the daft idea of wrapping the lattice work in strips of the papers.  Just as well I like being mucky - you should have seen the mess I got myself into.

I wanted to make a hanger with all sorts of wires wrapped and beads and dangle bits

The centre of the flowers are the new sparkly 'fruit pastilles' looking things - they look really yummie - the paper flowers are the Dove Craft little boxed ones - and the rest is bits and bobs out of my beads tray


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