Friday, 7 February 2014

Wedding Favour Fever

Like the title ;-) - suits us about now - I am on the 3rd order of the year already.  I am really trying to get well organised at the very beginning - I don't want the next few months to run away with me and get all behind and in a panic.  My son  and I have a system going - I cut them to size - he scores them - I cut all the notches etc for the flaps - he punches the holes for the ribbon handles - I shape and fold then - then I put them to one side and glue all the bottoms as each order comes through.  Brides seem to be decorating and finishing them themselves at the moment - so I haven't been asked to add the ribbons.
 as well as my normal little tote bags - I have a couple of new styles
 a 'wrap' that can be embossed or left plain to put a choccie bar treat in
 and a super heart shaped bag that you can put biscuits or a small bag of sweeties in.

I bought 500 sheets of white colour and 300 sheets of natural colour - that's a bit scary


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