Monday, 3 February 2014

the kitten and the goat - the story!!

Gosh blog chappies - there is so much going on at the moment in good ol' "Diagon Alley" at the moment - all in all it's a bit of a pig's breakfast ;-)

Where to start really!  Sue in the cafe has given back her lease and is going to run The George and Dragon - who are going to pick up a late licence and fill in the nightclub spot now that The Loft has closed (rumors have a very experienced person going for that lease - but no firm news on that just yet),  so we all helped out sue with her clear out.

Then I had a few problems with someone picking on me - 54 and being bullied - would you believe it!!!!!  You all know how fragile my health is while I recover from my big flare up and shingles at Christmas - so I was more than a bit shaken.  Both my guys came to my rescue and sorted it for me.

I have been pottering on getting the new range of cushions organised and sorting out the agate and semi-precious gem beads that are arriving in to the shop from the dealers in China - they are just soooo pretty - need to photo and list them onto the website (time - all I need is more time).

Issy (my knitting partner) is getting involved with the fell sheep fleece spinners and their Herdy brand knitting wool  - she is using the wool to knit tea cosies - mug hugs - cafetiere cosies etc for the Farriers Coffee Shop and cafe.

There is progress on the big renovation of the whole alley - we think it will be starting at the beginning of March with a new roof for all and all the roof windows replaced.  As you know - we have our own shop 'makeover' planned and the builders said that I would not have to move out over the working period - but that may change - we are trying to nail down the exact plans.

I have my ticket for the big 'Stitches' trade show at the Birmingham NEC in 2 weeks time - and a growing shopping list!!!!  I am taking Izzy (and leaving her to play in the wool section  ;-)  ) this year - - - there is a lot of planning going into this one and I will have loads of new ranges and a couple of new suppliers to surprise you with after I have been.  We are REALLY getting excited about our trip and have booked into the Hilton so we have 2 whole days at the show.  Sounds very grand - but I did get a discount by using Top Cash Back - and it's right next to the NEC so I don't have to stress about finding the hotel.

I will try to keep up with postings - but the world seems to be overtaking me at the moment.  Please could I have 2 more hours in a day - and an extra Thursday in every week- - then I might be able to keep up.


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  1. Sorry Pandi, if I can't have extra hours neither can you! Look forward to seeing the new you!! Sorry to hear of your traumatic time! Chris


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