Friday, 3 January 2014

Holiday over

Wonderful - all back to work - fantastic - can't wait.

I have been a very, very good girl - done lots of sitting and resting.  Watched all the grotty films on the telly - watched all of December's Holly Oaks on catch up - just had to know that they found Tom safe!

I did do a couple of days on my kitchen this week - really getting on now.

The cabinets look fab with the wall paper in the centers - and I bought all the handles different so it adds to the quirky-ness.

I have nearly got there - got the wallpaper on the wall feature to get done - wall needs serious prep first though.  Then the floor tiles to lay - that will really make a difference.

I want to get some clock type fabric to match so I can cover the chair and make a tablecloth - may even make a new door curtain.

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