Tuesday, 12 November 2013

December opening hours

We have had a big discussion and have finally settled on our opening hours for December and the New Year

All through December we will be open on Mondays 10am - 4pm as well as Tuesday - Saturday.  Isobel will be in charge on the extra day for me.  Izzie a knitter is not a paper crafter like me - she is the knitter of the dog coats and accessories you see in the shop and will do her best to sort out what you need.

Then Christmas week we will be open
Monday 10am - 4pm
Tuesday 10am - to about 1.30/2pm.  Depends on how the town is - we will definitely be off early though.

Then we will be CLOSED - until
Thursday 2nd January 10am - 4pm

so I can have a nice Christmas and chill out a bit.


kitten and goat@gmail.com

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