Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Christmas is coming!!!

phew - what a couple of weeks we have had!  The town has been busy - the shop has been busy - I have had a couple of big jobs to get through and we are starting to plan Christmas.

Now - this week we get the kids off our hands - back to school ;-) - - so we can turn our thoughts towards CHRISTMAS.

Yes - really.  It's been noticeable this past week or so just how many of you are dropping the 'C' word - so I have been out and about (spending loads o' money) getting you Christmas stuff.

New stamps - LOADS of papers - new spritzers - picked up a few die cutters - new Mouseloft ranges - Now stocking Housemouse stamps - kids crafts to make - new Tando shapes - new christmas knitting kits - silly stocking fillers.

It is all starting to drift in - and I am making a really BIG effort to get the website polished and up to date.  I will try to get a newsletter out this month so sign up on the website if you want to stay in touch with a newsletter (you won't get overloaded - I only manage 2 or 3 a year!)

And - 'like' the Facebook page to keep up to date with all the small details as they happen

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