Thursday, 1 August 2013

Leaks AGAIN!!!

This is the phost of Grange that I was going to post on Tuesday - as you can see I just spread out everywhere.  It was very overcast first thing when I took this - but it was fine in the afternoon.

 - - and the reason that it did not get posted on Tuesday?  I walked into the shop into an absolute nightmare.  The gutters had flooded again over the weekend and the shop was a total mess - plus I had all the stuff from Grange piled up in boxes everywhere.

It took me all of Tuesday to clear the back room and wash everything.  All the shelves had to come off and I got the good old Miltons over everything.  It was all covered in silt - and you can't be too careful can you - you don't know what much was in the flood water.

LUCKY the stock was ok.  Everything is in boxes - or those plastic crates I use (which don't have any drainage holes) - so all that got damages was a fes money box boxes.

There is a big renovation scheduled for all our little shops - the poor old building are desperately in need of it - but until then - they are not going to do anything to sort it out.  I got very little sleep last night - just lay there listening to the rain.  Got up at one point and had a cup of tea - or two.

But we are fine this morning - just a bit of leakage on the back wall - but it's not doing my nerves any good!

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